Whom We Are


Located in the South-Asia region, it is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. The country has a land area of 14.840 million hectares and population of approximate 166 million; with a density of over 1100 persons per km2. The economy of Bangladesh is based on agriculture, industry and services. The agriculture sector contributes about 19% towards GDP and employs over 60% of the work force. Rice, Jute, Vegetable and Fruits are the major cash crop. Because of the scarcity of natural resources; land use and land management are decisive for the development of the country.

Important industries are textile, garments, jute processing and pharmaceuticals.

EH & Agrovet Ltd.

EH & Agrovet Ltd. is a registered organization under the registrar of joint stock companies and firms of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  The company established in 1997 as a private enterprise.



To assist and contribute in a humble manner in attaining self sufficiency of the country in key areas of development by meeting the increasing challenges and harnessing opportunities to transform it to a developed country in this millennium.


EH & Agrovet Ltd. cherish to work together with everyone; within the country and outside- who are fascinated to contribute in making the country’s environment a green and healthy one for a beautiful tomorrow.

Service and Quality:

The service offered by EH & Agrovet Ltd. is of global standard, managed by a group of dedicated professionals who are 100% committed to work for the well being of the nation and meet the challenges of  the future.

Company Slogan:

Live with green and build a prosperous Bangladesh.