Whom We Are

EH (Environmental Health) & AgroVet Ltd. is a registered organization under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms of the Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh. The company was established in 1997 as a private enterprise and till date retains its birth identity with lot of structural changes to meet the changing needs. Currently, the company is a comprehensive firm uniting business of Agriculture inputs, Industrial Chemicals and Export of traditional and nontraditional items.

Bangladesh :
Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and is located in the South-Asia region. The country has a land area of 14.840 million hectares and population of approx. 166million with a density of over 1100 persons per km 2 . The  economy of Bangladesh is primarily based on agriculture with progressively upcoming of industry and service sector. The agriculture sector contributes about 20% towards GDP. Agriculture is the largest employment sector in Bangladesh. The performance of this sector has an overwhelming impact on major macroeconomic objectives like employment generation, poverty alleviation, human resources development, food security etc. Over 65% of Bangladeshis earn their living from agriculture. At present the net cropped area is 7.809 million hectare and the total cropped area is 13.742 million hectare and the cropping intensity 191%. Important food and cash crops largely grown are: Rice, Vegetable, Potato, Jute, Tobacco, Tea, Sugarcane, Pulses etc. Major fruits are; Mango, Banana, Jackfruit, Pineapple, Watermelon, Green Coconut, Guava, etc. In Bangladesh, notable industries are; Fertilizer, Cement, Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramic, Paper, Leather, Jute, Cotton, Tobacco, Tea, Salt, Sugar, Edible Oil, Soap &
detergent, Iron & Steel, Fabricated Metal products, Electricity, Natural Gas. Because of the land scarcity compared to the population; land use and land management are decisive for the food security and development of the country.

The EH & AgroVet Ltd. cherish to assist and contribute in a humble manner to attain self sufficiency of food in the country and thus towards overall development by meeting the increasing challenges and harnessing opportunities to transform it to a developed country in this millennium.

Work in collaboration and partnership with everyone, within the country and outside – who are fascinated to contribute in making the country’s environment a green and healthy one for a beautiful tomorrow.

The service offered by the EH & AgroVet Ltd. is of global standard, managed by a group of well-educated dedicated professionals who are committed to work for the wellbeing of the nation and meet the challenges of the future.

Live with green and build a prosperous Bangladesh.
Working Hours: Local time: +6hours GMT.
Workdays: Saturday through Thursday.


Agriculture Chemicals:
1) Crop Care Products in retail packs (Pesticide, PGR, and Fertilizer)
2) Environmental Health Products for vector control
3) Veterinary Products – Medicine & Vaccines
4) Pisiculture Products—Inputs and Medicine
Seed: Marketing of HYV seed of different Vegetables &others.

1) Traditional and nontraditional products like Fruits & Vegetables, Shopping bags, etc.
2) Solicit inquiry for both Import & Export products.
Industrial Chemicals:
a) Perform as the foreign manufacturer’s local agent and promote sales of their products by
procuring orders.

b) Maintain stock of industrial raw materials (auxiliaries) for ex-stock sales to local


Mr. M.N. Haq
Chairman and Managing Director
Post Graduate in Chemistry
Life Member, Bangladesh Chemical Society.
Worked for about 25 years in different multinational companies of German and France origin.
Executive Director and Country Manager,
AgroEvo a company of Hoechst Schering AgroEvo GmbH, Germany, Under Hoechst Bangladesh Ltd.
Sales Director, Rhone-Poulenc Agrovet, Bangladesh Ltd.
Sales Director, Aventis Crop Science, Bangladesh Ltd.

Mr. K. Wasef Emad
Director, Business Operation
Member of BCPA (Bangladesh Crop Protection Association)
MBA- North South University, Bangladesh.
BBA- Independent University of Bangladesh.
Carried along sales & marketing experience by working in a multinational company prior to
joining this company.

Mr. M. Anwar Iqbal
Company Advisor
Post-graduation in Agricultural Management from University of Reading, UK
Former, Member-Director, Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council (BARC)
Chief of several National development projects, funded by UNDP, World Bank, USAID,
Served as a Lead Consultant in projects/activities of World Bank, IUCN and SAC.
Life member of many different professional and social bodies.

Staffing and logistics
A good nature of professionals and sales people are working
At present a good nature of own ware house
Factory for packaging
Own Covered Vans to distribute products from factory end to sales depots.
Arrangement of third party vehicle support service for transportations from depots
to dealers.

EH & AgroVet employees are keen to cooperate with friends and well wishers within the
country and abroad for common development and mutual benefit.
Products currently marketed

Agriculture product:
Surprise (4CPA)
Zinga 15+ (Chelated Zinc 15%)
Evaphon 40%SL (Ethephon)
Evazim 50%WP (Carbendazim)
Evavit 80% WDG (Sulphur)
Evalambda 2.5EC (Lambda Cyhalothrin)
Evaral 50%WP (Iprodione)
Evamil 72%WP (Metalaxil 8% + Mencozeb 64%)
Evaeilt Super 300EC (Propiconazole + Difenoconazole)
Evacon 48%EC (Chlopyrifos)
Evacord 10%EC (Cypermethrin)
Evaeilt 25%EC (Propiconazole)
Evatox 56% (Aluminium Phosphide)
Brake 20SL (Imidacloprid)
Lurk 5SG (Emamectin Benzoate)

Industrial Chemical products:
Optical brightening agent
Synthetic resins
Pigment and Auxiliaries for different industries.